Updates on ReThinking Our Streets

The first diagram below shows the 13 intersections to be done for the Rethinking Our Streets project.  We have had several meetings.  Of the 13 intersections, 8 will have an art component.  These are shown in purple. The Crosswalks on 7 of these will have art and we are busy getting the art done so the Butler Bulldogs in the Streets can paint Aug 27th.


This is the latest design for the Delaware and 32nd St Mural:


Priority 1 Step A
DPW will begin by painting the crosswalks. This can be done with no additional input from anyone. The first 6 intersections below will have piano bars. The next 7 will have two parallel lines. This clears the way for the Butler Bulldogs to do their thing Aug 27th. Butler can also do the mural at Delaware and 32nd, as described below. So we need to have art for 6 intersections of crosswalks and the Delaware and 32nd mural before the 27th. The art is progressing well.

Priority 1 Step B
Aug 17th at 9:00 AM – small group to look at intersections and mark locations.

  • Central and 32nd. Painted bump outs with bollards and the sign shown below in the middle of Central north and south.
  • Washington Blvd and 32nd. A 25 foot diameter rotary will be painted in the middle of Washington and 32nd with flexible bollards marking it. The rubber rotary was too expensive. We add 4 signs indicating that it is a rotary. Flashing red signal stays. Number 19 bus has been moved to Meridian. Remove all parking restrictions signs on the northbound lane of Wash from 28th to 38th. We will paint something on the inside of the rotary. Paint 4 diamond shapes in middle of rotary entrances to help guide cars, as is done at Penn and 32nd. No Bump outs.
  • Wash and 29th. This extra wide intersection is confusing and unsafe. We propose using paint and bollards to narrow Washington from the west side both north and south of 29th.
  • Wash and 30th. Similar to Wash and 29th. Changing 30th to two way would obviously affect this. Both Wash and 29th and 30th are more complex and need engineering work.
  • College and 32nd. Painted bump outs and bollards. No crosswalk across College.
  • Wash and 31st. Painted bump outs and bollards.
  • Delaware and 32nd. Stop sign on west bound lane of 32nd. Stop sign on southbound alley. No bump outs. We are free to paint whatever we want in the middle of the intersection, no boundaries or lines. No bump outs. Crosswalk on south side of intersection only with art.
  • Wash and 33rd. Painted bump outs and bollards.
  • Pennsylvania St and 32nd. No bump outs.
  • Wash and 34th Painted bump outs and bollards.
  • Central and 33rd. Bump outs and bollards.
  • Penn and 33rd, Bump outs and bollards.
  • Penn and 34th. Bump outs and bollards.

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