Partners of MFCNA

Mapleton-Fall Creek Development Corporation

MFCDC is a non-profit organization serving as the community’s tool in rebuilding and revitalizing the area. They work with neighbors for the betterment of the neighborhood – from helping homes be more efficient to helping neighbors know how they can tap into resources.

The Mapleton-Fall Creek Development Corporation mission is: “Connecting neighborhood partners to help, serve, revitalize, stimulate, and invest resources to rebuild an affordable, safe and vital community.”

Mid-North Quality of Life Plan

A collection of six neighborhoods in the mid-north area of Indianapolis working together toward a common future. Together, enriching community with programs, networks, and facilities that help turn great ideas into realized dreams. Their goal is to make the mid-north area of Indianapolis recognized as a special place to live, work, play, learn, and visit. Visit their website.

Destination Fall Creek

A task force that emerged from the Mid-North Quality of Life Plan made by a group of residents from the six surrounding neighborhoods that, with the Mid-North Quality of Life Plan, envision Fall Creek as a place to come to, a destination for the community. To read their list of long term goals, visit their website.


Block Clubs & Associations
A Block Club is a for-neighbors-by-neighbors effort to reduce and prevent crime. Members of a Block Club are do not “police” their block, instead, they help law enforcement by watching and reporting—”see something, say something.”

A neighborhood association is a group of residents, property owners, and community partners who advocate for or organize activities within a neighborhood. An association has elected leaders and voluntary dues.

Birchwood Neighbors: “We intend to bring those who live in this neighborhood together as a community, beautify our community, and exist as an example of what is possible when people come together around something that matters to them.”

Haywood Park Neighbors

Historic Meridian Park Neighborhood Association: “The Meridian Park neighborhood is bounded by Pennsylvania St. and Washington Blvd. and by 30th and 34th Streets.“

Watson Park Neighborhood Association: Watson-McCord is a geographically small neighborhood centered on Watson Road.

Watson Road Bird Preserve