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At our monthly meeting in July, Department of Public Works and Citizens Energy joined, at our request, to help clarify and update us on some of the projects happening in and around our Mapleton-Fall Creek borders. They have since kindly shared with us more clarification on the projects that were asked about at our meeting. See those updates below from Mark Zwoyer, PE, Administrator-Engineering, Department of Public Works.

ED-18-002:  Spider Park.  This DPW project is the improvement to Delaware between Fall Creek and 28th that is ongoing.  It reconstructs Delaware Street and adds sidewalk ramps to provide pedestrian crossing access at Delaware and Fall Creek.  It also removes the Talbott leg of the Spider and adds sidewalks.  The actual work should be complete next month, but Delaware will remain closed due to a Citizens Energy Group (CEG) project in 28th Street.

  • Citizens Energy Group combined sewer project – impacts 28th Street, Central Avenue, Fall Creek Parkway, Fall Creek Trail, and the eastern half of Spider Park from now until mid-2017.
  • BM-18-081  Central Avenue Bridge over Fall Creek.  This DPW project will rehabilitate and reconstruct the Central Avenue bridge.  This is scheduled to go out for bids in November of 2016 and will be under construction for most of 2017 and 2018.
  • TR-18-001:  25th Street and Delaware Street Pedestrian Improvement.  This DPW project will upgrade sidewalk ramps, crosswalks and signage generally in an area within ½ mile of the intersection of 25th and Delaware.  Specifically, this will address intersections on 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th and 29th Streets.  This is scheduled to go to bid in February 2017 and will be under construction throughout 2017.

The Fall Creek Trail is currently closed for the work being done by CEG.  The Central Avenue Bridge project will again close the Trail when CEG is finished.  DPW will use the same pedestrian detour on College, Sutherland and Delaware that CEG currently has posted.  To maintain a consistent detour for cyclists, DPW will be placing signage for a Detour that uses the Monon Trail and 25th Street throughout both construction projects.

There was a question from the neighborhood regarding when Spider Park could be used.  I am still waiting on information about when Globe Asphalt will be finished with ED-18-002, but the western half of the part should be usable as construction finishes even though Delaware Street will not be open.  The eastern half of the park will continue to be used by CEG for their project.

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