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Written by Hannah Barker, Mapleton-Fall Creek Neighborhood Association Board Member

At the June MFCNA Neighborhood meeting, there were several presentations from community groups about summer programs in the area. With a busy schedule, it’s difficult to participate in all of them, but it’s encouraging to know that Mapleton-Fall Creek is not short of fun, healthy, and inexpensive summer activities.

One presenter, Kirsten Sidebottom (recent IUPUI graduate with a degree in Kinesiology: emphasis on Exercise Science), introduced Hosanna’s Heart—a group born out of New Circle Church that focuses on being a resource to fitness and nutrition education, while also building community interaction and connectedness. Although Kirsten’s spiel was quick, it immediately piqued my interest. Free exercise classes? What a great idea and opportunity for the neighborhood.

Hosanna's Heart Logo

Now, I wouldn’t categorize myself as an avid gym member, and I don’t really get excited by the idea of exercise; however, I am interested in ways to stay healthy and to get moving each day (especially since I sit at a desk for at least eight hours, five days a week). I decided to try out the 6:00pm Circuit Training class at the Pocket Park at 2925 Park Avenue.

When I arrived at the park, Kirsten and two others were standing by the playground equipment. They all appeared to be regulars at the class, which has been going on since May, and were very welcoming. Kirsten provided everyone with a mat and medicine ball and then proceeded to explain the workout. After a short warm up stretch, we started on the circuit. One round consisted of ten jump squats, ten leg extensions, ten pushups, ten “Supermans,” and ten medicine ball carries, followed by a short run down the sidewalk (maybe 100 meters). The second round consisted of the same exercises, but in sets of nine; the next round, we did eight sets, followed by seven, six, etc. until we reached one. Thankfully, we all went at our own pace. It was hot—85 degrees and humid. And it was tiring—I was sore for the next two days in my arms and legs. But it was also fun to be outside with neighbors, learning how to be and stay active.

Circuit Training

Residents participating in the Circuit Training class, offered on Tuesdays and Saturdays, at 9:00a.m. and 6:00p.m., at 2925 Park Avenue.

After the workout, we did some cool down exercises, along with some ab workouts. While we stretched, we asked each other questions and talked about living in the neighborhood. Hosanna’s Heart provides a great service to Mapleton-Fall Creek because it teaches people exercises that they can do in a group or continue at home. For me, it was helpful being in a group because I was more motivated to do the workout correctly and also finish it than I would have been, had I been by myself. I would recommend that residents check out these classes. Kirsten offers a different workout each day in the morning and evenings (See schedule below), trying to accommodate most schedules.

Kirsten Sidebottom, fitness leader for Hosanna's Heart.

Kirsten Sidebottom, fitness leader for Hosanna’s Heart.

If you have questions or recommendations about the classes or fitness in general, reach out to Kirsten directly at or check out the Hosanna’s Heart Facebook page: The MFCNA August article in the Urban Times will also feature more information on Hosanna’s Heart, so stay on the lookout for the article. Wishing everyone a fun and active summer!



Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
9:00 a.m. Circuit TrainingRuckle Dance AerobicsRuckle Balance, Stretch, CoreRuckle   Walk and CorePark Circuit TrainingPark
11:00 a.m. VariesTAB VariesTAB VariesTAB VariesTAB
6:00 p.m. Circuit TrainingRuckle Dance AerobicsRuckle Balance, Stretch, CoreRuckle Walk and CorePark Circuit TrainingPark
“Park” indicates classes offered at 2925 Park Avenue, and “Ruckle” at the Ruckle Pocket park at 30th and Ruckle St. “TAB” refers to Tabernacle Presbyterian Church at 34th and Central Ave. Participants should enter TAB at the 34th St. entrance.


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  • Glad to see the exercise program is such a success. Our church’s WMU was able to donate some exercise mats, so we are grateful that God was able to use our gift in such a great way.

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