February Meeting Resources

We look forward to seeing you this Thursday at 6:30 pm at Phillips Temple at 34th and Washington Blvd. for the MFCNA Meeting.

Download the January minutes

Download the full agenda for February

  • 6:30 P.M. Meeting called to order, welcoming remarks, introductions6:40 P.M. Approval of minutes from January Association Meeting6:50 P.M. Treasurer’s Report

    6:55 P.M. Remarks from newly-appointed IMPD North District Commander Joshua Barker

    7:05 P.M. Presentation on IMPD Operation New Normal and Behavioral Health Unit—IMPD Sergeant Catherine Cummings

    7:20 P.M. Updates from community partners (MFCDC, Marion County Prosecutor, others)

    7:30 P.M. Update on MFCNA inquiry regarding permitting for sign at 32nd/Central gas station

    7:35 P.M. Motion to adjourn

    7:35 P.M. Opportunity to mingle with neighbors

    8:00 P.M. MFCNA must vacate meeting room


IMPD announced that Chief of Police Bryan Roach has promoted our former North District Commander, Christopher Bailey, to Homeland Security Commander. We will have a new North District Commander, Joshua Barker. Commander Bailey has long been a friend to MFCNA and we congratulate him on his new assignment. MFCNA is already in contact with Commander Barker. We look forward to working closely with him and look forward to hearing from him at our upcoming meeting.

Upcoming Events:

4H Meetings at North United Methodist Street ( 3808 N. Meridian Street)

Connect with Dr. Edna Kemp for more information.

  • February 23
  • March 16
  • April 20
  • May 18

Tarkington Park Programming Workshop on Tuesday, February 7, 5:30 – 7pm at North United Methodist. Learn more and register here

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Kite Contest Sign-up, February 12 – 18. Visit http://outdooryouth.org/calendar/ for more information

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