February Meeting Resources

We look forward to seeing you at the February meeting this Thursday, February 8, at 6:30 p.m. at Phillips Temple.

Download the full Agenda

Download the January minutes

Pay your 2018 Dues Online or at the meeting by cash or check

6:30 P.M. Meeting called to order, welcoming remarks, introductions

6:40 P.M. Approval of minutes from January Association Meeting

6:45 P.M. Treasurer’s Report

6:45 P.M. Presentation from Duke Oliver

6:55 P.M. Update from Officer Mike Maxwell, IMPD

7:05 P.M. Updates from community partners

7:10 P.M. MFCNA Updates:

  • Reminder – free membership for residents of MFC
  • Community Building Committee at the CDC
  • Cell tower hearing is February 13

7:20 P.M. Updates from the floor

7:30 P.M. Motion to adjourn

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