December Meeting Resources

Voting for the board this Thursday at 6:30 p.m. at Phillips Temple!

Download the minutes from November

Download the agenda for December

6:30 P.M. Meeting called to order, welcoming remarks

6:35 P.M. Approval of minutes from November Meeting Minutes

6:40 P.M. Treasurer’s report

6:40 P.M. Board Members Recap


  • Nate Rush, President
  • Dustin McKinney, VP of Environmental Affairs
  • Gerald Dupree, Treasurer
  • Michael Quinn
  • Al Polin
  • Brenda Branch


  • Ryan Funk
  • Keith Cruz
  • Chuck Madden
  • Rachel Nelson, Secretary
  • Drew Lin, resigned mid-term

6:45 P.M. Introduction of Board Member nominees

1-minute candidate introductions. The annual election of Board members. All members who paid 2018 dues before July 1, 2018, are eligible to vote.

  • Brianna Patrick
  • Meg Hanley
  • Nominations from the floor

6:50 P.M. Vote, to be managed by treasurer, Gerald Dupree

7:00 P.M. Announce board members for 2019

7:10 P.M. Motion to adjourn

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    Would you PLEASE direct him to an organization that can assist him financially.

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