INDIANAPOLIS — The Indianapolis Department of Public Works (DPW) released a traffic study today detailing how construction on the IndyGo Red Line Project along College Avenue will affect Central Avenue, two blocks west of the Red Line corridor. Results from the study initiated a number of temporary speed control measures installed before vehicular traffic volume is expected to increase on Central Avenue due to the nearby construction.

The study was initiated in 2017 after neighbors in the area expressed concerns that traffic would increase on Central Avenue and other adjacent streets once IndyGo Red Line construction began on College Avenue. The study focused on Central Avenue, Pennsylvania Street, Washington Boulevard and Meridian Street.

After extensive review with neighbors in 2018 and continuing through today, the College Avenue corridor of the IndyGo Red Line, a number of temporary traffic control measures were installed along Central Avenue.

Speed tables were installed in the following areas:

  • 4200 Central Avenue
  • 4400 Central Avenue
  • 5000 Central Avenue
  • 5600 Central Avenue
  • 5800 Central Avenue

Temporary traffic signals were installed at the following intersections:

  • 42nd St and Central Avenue
  • 49th St and Central Avenue
  • 52nd St and Central Avenue
  • 54th St and Central Avenue
  • 56th St and Central Avenue
  • 57th St and Central Avenue

Four-way stops were converted to 2-way stops, east to west, at these intersections:

  • 40th St and Central Avenue
  • 58th St and Central Avenue

After collaboration with neighbors in January 2019, other traffic speed control measures to be installed in coming days include the following:

  • Revising the signs near all current speed humps to include a 15 mph speed advisory
  • Installing flexible bollards at each speed hump for additional visibility for drivers and bicyclists
  • Extending the time given to pedestrians at the signalized intersections near the schools to help better accommodate the student crossings
  • Restricting turns on red light signals at 57th St. and Central Avenue during arrival and dismissal times at the adjacent school

“All the traffic calming measures implemented during the IndyGo Red Line construction will be removed and Central Avenue will return to its original configuration after the Red Line is operational,” said Dan Parker, DPW director. “The original posts for the stop signs that were removed are still in place. The stop signs will be reinstalled.”

Due to the acceleration of the IndyGo Red Line construction, DPW expedited activating the temporary traffic signals on February 5, 2019.

The traffic study, Central Avenue resurfacing and temporary speed control measures installed are a nearly $3 million investment in the neighborhood. The study also included all other segments of the 13-mile IndyGo Red Line corridor.

The traffic study is available online HERE.

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