Cell Phone Tower Proposed

We’re all familiar with where the old Double 8 sits. Are you also aware that there is a proposed cell phone tower in the lot between the old Double 8 and the mural on the barber shop’s back wall?

cell tower in mapleton fall creek

The cell tower would be visible from a good portion of the neighborhood as it would reach a height of 100 feet.

cell phone tower mapleton fall creek

The entire site document is available to download as a PDF here in advance of the developer attending our next Neighborhood Association Meeting on Thursday, December 14 at 6:30 p.m. A big note though, their public hearing where you can either stand in support or in opposition to this proposal will be on Tuesday, December 12 at 1:00 p.m. UPDATE public hearing has been postponed for January at the City County building at 200 E. Washington. 

If you are opposed to the tower you can call Edward Honea, Senior Planner at 317-327-5901 or email him at Eddie.Honea@indy.gov.

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  • It appears that the property is contiguous to the gas station/barbershop and the former grocery store. A development plan that incorporates the entire property would be severely limited by the presence of the tower and therefore that limitation presents a considerable concern on the future development of the remaining property especial regarding retail development use. Like the abandon realestate on the Southside of indy, these uninhabited structures present a long term eyesore and crime breeding location. Multiple examples surround the city.

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