Pay Dues Online

You can pay dues in person with a check or cash to the treasurer at our monthly meetings, or if it’s easier, we now offer online payment through paypal.

Dues = voting rights. If you have multiple people in your household, each member will need to pay dues in order to vote.


Resident Membership $25 annually – A Resident Member is 18 years of age or older who lives in MFCN. Each Resident Member who has paid dues, shall be eligible for one vote at association meetings.

Senior Citizens $10 annually (age 55 years and older)

Contributory Membership $50 annually – Organizations, associations, foundations, partnerships, companies, or corporations who maintain an office or place of business in the MFCN area. Contributory members may vote through a single representative.

What do your dues do for MFCNA?

  • Cost of clean-up equipment
  • Meeting costs
  • Cook-out costs
  • Funds for helping start block clubs, block parties, or gatherings for neighborhood residents
  • Supplies for events
  • Funding for committee activities