Mapleton-Fall Creek (MFC), the triangular area bounded by 38th Street to the north, Meridian Street to the west, and Fall Creek Parkway on the southeast, has been around since the early 1920s. Fall Creek Parkway was created during the early 1900s as part of a city-wide scenic boulevards program; however, the MFC name was not linked to the area until the 1960s, when local residents formed an official neighborhood organization.

1924 - Guilford and Fall Creek

1924 – Guilford and Fall Creek

Originally, the MFC area was known as a suburban neighborhood—removed from the city, but easily accessible by streetcar and automobile to downtown offices, stores, and social life. Befitting an upscale suburb, the newcomers hired prominent local architects to build Tudor Revival and Colonial Revival mansions and luxury apartment buildings. Many of these buildings still exist in the neighborhood today, giving MFC architecture its prominent, historical feel.

1926 - Delaware

1926 – Delaware

The MFC neighborhood has built a rich and exciting story over the last century. The full neighborhood history is available on The Polis Center website.