Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are the representatives of MFCNA and are voted into leadership positions by other members of the Association. The Board is responsible for using neighborhood funds to carry out the activities of the Association, including events that build community and promote safety within the neighborhood. At each monthly meeting, the Board reports on all major activities that are completed, in progress of completion, or are planning to be completed. You can contact the board by emailing them.

The 2020 MFCNA Board of Directors:

  • Travis Tatlock, President | email
  • Rachel Dickerson, Vice President of Neighborhood Affairs
  • Molly Wedding, Secretary | email
  • Chuck Madden, Treasurer
  • Leigh Evans
  • Meg Hanley
  • Ryan McDuffee
  • Eric Hart
  • Andres Limon
  • Jewel Middleton
  • Jordan Rodriguez